A New Blogger’s Quandry

So I’m a newbie in the world of blogging and so far I have to say I’m having a lot of fun. It’s been great to dust the cobwebs off of my inner dialogue and so interesting to read what other people have been brave enough to put out there for the masses – thank you!

I’m especially taken with how spoilt for choice you are when it comes to themes and appearances – a little too spoilt though perhaps? I created this blog less than 1 week ago and I think I’ve probably test-driven about 15 different themes (if not a few more) – I like different things about different themes and it’s so hard to decide on just 1! Never mind the fact that, at this rate, I’ll spend more time playing around with the look and feel of the blog rather than the actual writing of the blog.

I’d love to know how people have made their choice about which theme to go with!

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net


2 thoughts on “A New Blogger’s Quandry

  1. I’ve used Chunk before and I think it’s a great looking theme with quite a bit of variation. It can take awhile before you find something you really like. Don’t give if until you are completely happy.

  2. Thanks Andy – it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one to chop and change. I’m quite liking Chunk at the moment too but who knows what tomorrow will bring? 🙂

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