And the Cherry on Top…

To add to the wave of relief that’s washed over me after a fairly frantic week of cramming for uni exams, there was a lovely little surprise waiting for me in the wonderful world of blogging. I was nominated for a:

It’s so lovely to see this type of peer support and recognition because you put yourself out there and there’s just as good a chance that someone could take a swing at you. Instead it’s been so encouraging to see the amount of positivity that’s floating around in the blogosphere!

But I digress, there a few ‘rules’ attached so firstly, a big thank you to Jim from And that makes two for the nomination. This blog brings a wonderful sense of humour to being a parent and I always get a giggle when reading about his daughter’s antics.

Secondly, I need to share seven things about myself.¬† Hmmm….

  1. I live in a household of boys: 1 husband and 1 son and I adore both of them
  2. I’m half Finnish
  3. I’m enjoying the world of blogging far more than I thought I might
  4. I’d love to have a pet lion
  5. The thing I’ve loved most about being a Mum is hearing my son laugh
  6. I married my high school sweetheart
  7. Florence stole a piece of my heart and one day I’ll be making my way back there to reclaim it

Thirdly, I’m nominating 15 other bloggers out there who I admire and whose writing I find inspiring or enjoyable: MUMmedia, Tofudie, iGameMom, Cauldrons and Cupcakes, When Ideas Fail, HOVERCRAFTDOGGY, Bill Chance, An Ordinary Life, Sweet Child of Mine Book, Coco J Ginger Says, Daycare Chronicles, SMILESALOT1969, Vicky… The Northern Chicky, LadyRomp and Pulchra Doctrina.

These are all lovely blogs and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them and look forward to their future offerings!

Last, but not least, I will now go and comment of each of their pages to let them know what I’ve done which will hopefully continue this cycle of enthusiasm and support.



A New Blogger’s Quandry

So I’m a newbie in the world of blogging and so far I have to say I’m having a lot of fun. It’s been great to dust the cobwebs off of my inner dialogue and so interesting to read what other people have been brave enough to put out there for the masses – thank you!

I’m especially taken with how spoilt for choice you are when it comes to themes and appearances – a little too spoilt though perhaps? I created this blog less than 1 week ago and I think I’ve probably test-driven about 15 different themes (if not a few more) – I like different things about different themes and it’s so hard to decide on just 1! Never mind the fact that, at this rate, I’ll spend more time playing around with the look and feel of the blog rather than the actual writing of the blog.

I’d love to know how people have made their choice about which theme to go with!


Hello world!

Hello world indeed! So I’ve finally taken the plunge and started my very own blog and I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to explore my creative side once again in the digital age.

Becoming¬† a Mum has been the most amazing, challenging, exciting, scary and comical experience I’ve had…so far. So here I share my thoughts, experiences, musings and perhaps, at times, blabbering for anyone who has the interest in reading it.

To the unsuspecting reader out there, whoever you may be, I hope that you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.